Redeeming Ministries was organized in the latter part of 2003 at Progressive Baptist Church Texas City, Texas library by Rev. R. D. Boone.

March 2004 we moved into the Veranda Apartments and by October of 2004 we moved to the location of 301 Golden Oak Drive all of Texas City, Texas.

Redeeming Ministries officially received its name when we filed for a DBA license November 16, 2004.  Following that  on July 20, 2005 Redeeming Ministries received its Tax Exempt number.

In September of 2006 we were blessed to purchase a building at 1318 Westerlage, LaMarque, Texas.  Our first service was held on October 29, 2006.  The sermon was “God Will Heal Our Land If We Would Do 5 things 1. Pray 2. Worship Him 3. Offer A Sacrifice 4. Humble Ourselves 5. Don’t Forsake His Commandments!”

Several families attended the first service: Boone, Sowell, Wilcox, Thompson, Johnson, Stout and Godwin families.

There has been 9 deacon ordinations and one has moved on and became a minister! Two ministers started with Redeeming Ministries and one was ordained to pastor.  We have had several to join, become a member and was baptized.

Our one year Church and Pastor/Wife anniversary, October 28, 2007, service was preached by Pastor Maurice Jones of Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Cedar Lane, Texas.

 August 6, 2008 the church received it’s Certificate of Filing by the Office to the Secretary of State.

We are proud of our latest accomplishment, this October 2010, the paving the entire front of the church.  Redeeming Ministries is continually growing and we are thankful to God for all He has allowed us to do.


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